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Hot Spring Must-know

Welcome To Jiuquwan Hot Spring Resort

Things to pay attention to in hot springs are:

1. It is strictly forbidden to have patients with hepatitis, heart disease, severe blisters, severe heart and kidney disease, acute conjunctivitis, tuberculosis, otitis media, intestinal infectious diseases, mental illness and alcoholics enter the hot spring bath.

2. Children must be accompanied by an adult to enter the open-air hot spring area and soak in the pool.

3. Wash your body before entering the hot spring area, then enter in swimming suit.

4. Slippers must be worn in the hot spring area and the feet should be disinfected.

5. Do not bring the shooting equipment into the hot spring area. Photographing is strictly prohibited.

6. Do not bring your own drinks or food into the hot spring area.

7. Do not scream and smoke in the hot spring area, and there must be no uncivilized behavior.

8. Do not rub back and other indecent behavior in the bubble pool. Do not use body wash and soap.

9. Soak the hot springs should drink more water, the first soak should not be too long, 15 minutes is appropriate.

10. Diving is strictly prohibited in the hot spring pool.

11. Please take care of the items you carry with you. Please store your valuables at the front desk.

12. The open-air hot spring area is a wet water area and care for the slippery floor